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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Woman: ‘I Was Always Anti-Gun’ Until Eye-To-Eye with Home Invader

Mississippi resident Lori Shelton says she was “always anti-gun” until she heard noises in her home and found herself eye-to-eye with a home invader.

Shelton’s horrific experience occurred in April and she is now taking a firearm training course so she will be ready should her home be targeted again. She is also getting her concealed carry permit.

According to News Channel 3, Shelton said, “I was getting ready for work doing my normal routine, and I heard a noise as I was getting out of the shower.” She looked to see the source of the noise and “saw a man coming through the back of the house.” She said, “The first thing I thought was I gotta do something.” But she was limited on options: her daughter was in bed asleep, her husband was at work, and she did not have a gun.

Shelton checked again to see where the suspect was, saying, “I peeked through the blinds, the blinds stayed closed and peeked through and saw him looking at me. I mean we made complete eye contact. He proceeded to come through the back of the house, and I ran back and dialed 911.”



Anonymous said...

Typical hypocrite coward snowflake.

Anonymous said...

Funny how that works right???

Anonymous said...

Too bad that is what it takes for these people to realize consequences. Thank goodness everything turned out okay. But being ill prepared is too late. Wake up America.

Anonymous said...

It only happens to other people or in bad neighborhoods until it happens to you.

Anonymous said...

Probably doesn't have a fire extinguisher either. When the fire starts it's too late.

Anonymous said...

Reality is the best wake up call! Wish all the politicians would get the same reality. Oh, that's right, the are protected by private security who have guns to protect them.