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Thursday, May 25, 2017

‘Trump trauma’ appears to be fading, says psychiatric survey

During the 2016 presidential election, there was much talk in the press about “pre-election stress disorder,” “post-election stress disorder,” “collective stress,” “election anxiety,” “Trump trauma” and other conditions found among Americans who were dithering over the election itself, and the unexpected victory of President Trump.

Therapists offered advice. Democrats ramped up angry rhetoric. Safe spaces were all the rage. So what’s the prognosis these days — over 17 weeks into Mr. Trump’s presidency?

None other than the American Psychiatric Association has polled the nation on the subject of toxic politics.

Here’s what they found:


Anonymous said...

It would be interesting to see a correlation between so-called Trump Trauma and alcohol sales, which always go up in times of national stress. If there isn't one, it might be safe to say that the alleged injury is a lie, perpetrated to gain sympathy and support.

Anonymous said...

It was never there to begin with. Just more of the constant lies all democrats tell. The supposed trauma was nothing more then an excuse for democrats to behave badly, and for them to tear things up and become violent. The only issue all democrats need to come to terms with is that they are habitual liars and yes this applies to all democrats.

Anonymous said...

I would suggest keeping the O2 bottles and hyperventilation paper bags handy for when the Trump promises start working. I'm sure the left will freak out over that. Also they will need the above when it is discovered the liberal politicians have been fibbing all these years,