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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Bogus ‘movie money’ scam prompts police warning

WASHINGTON — At first glance, the $100 bills looked real. By the third glance, they were clearly worthless.

A Maryland college student has learned an expensive lesson about the ease in which criminals can scam unsuspecting victims using fake “movie money,” which is used in motion picture shoots.

Hannah Buehrle, of Frederick, told NBC Washington she wanted to sell her iPhone 6 to help pay for a Memorial Day weekend trip to the beach.

On May 15, she advertised the phone on the Letgo app.

A man who identified himself as Xavier agreed to buy the phone for $450.

According to Montgomery County Police, Xavier told the victim he only had five $100 bills, and would give her the $500 if she would give him $50 in return.



Anonymous said...

If people are this stupid, (it is clearly marked it's for Motion Picture Use Only), than they deserve to be screwed!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

To the Original Owner of the phone.
You could of reported it Stolen, and
the phone would have been disabled.

Anonymous said...

She was probably a millennial. They are so stupid they would probably take monopoly money for payment.

Anonymous said...

I once bought Girl Scout cookies with play money.

Unknown said...

After reading some of the comments left about how this girl deserved to be scammed and how dumb she must be is just plain down right rude. Hannah is my niece she is a very intelligent kind hearted wonderful young woman! She did nothing wrong and did not deserve to have this happen. People watched​ a 15 second clip and felt they have the right to leave nasty comments when in fact they no nothing about Hannah! This situation could have turned out so much worse for her thank God it did not and Hannah is fine. Everyone has there own opinions but before you chose to share it with the world stop and think about how your words can hurt someone!

Unknown said...

If you knew anything about it you would know the money was placed in a bank envelope( top opens not side) so she pulled the money up slightly to count it. Don't pass judgment unless you know the entire story. Maybe you should pay less time insulting people and more time knowing the facts.

Unknown said...

The phone was hers. But once you take off the find my iPhone then you cannot find it. She was selling the phone why would she still have her information on there?

Unknown said...

Yes, I am a millennial. And no I am not stupid, as a matter of fact I graduated high school early and I am about to graduate college. The money was not discovered fake until I got home because it was in a bank envelope. I simply slipped out the top of the money because I would not pull $500 out in public, that is idiotic and dangerous especially since these young men had intentions of robbing me if I would have figured out it was fake then. If you're going To insult me at least know what you're talking about. On another note you are so willing to saying rude things about me but yet you are blogging as anonymous so that just shows how much of a coward you are, if you have something to say then please say it to my face. Learn the entire story before you start to judge.