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Thursday, April 27, 2017

How some young people are now hiding drugs from parents

It's a display that could save a life. And with drug and alcohol abuse taking hundreds of lives in the St. Louis area every year, it's a display every parent should see. It's called Hidden in Plain View. Organizers and visitors alike call it eye-opening.

“I was completely mind-blown,” said Katie Gaehle, who walked through the mock bedroom exhibit Sunday afternoon during a health and safety fair at Rockwood Summit High School in Fenton.

“This bedroom has over 70 items in it that should alert a parent to the fact that their child is involved in drug or alcohol abuse,” said organizer Kelly Prunty, Vice President of Addiction is Real, an anti-drug group focused on educating parents and their children on the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse.

Some signs are obvious, like alcohol hidden in a jacket pocket. But some are much more secretive, looking like everyday items that belong in a teenager's room.



Anonymous said...

Police and sheriffs' departments should offer a free canine drug search of any parent's home where the parents request it. Hold any arrests until the parents request it. Find it, confiscate it and then let the parents deal with the rest until they've exhausted their options. Tough love.

Anonymous said...

Yea that's gona work real well... Come search my house and find all these crimes going on. But don't arrest anyone

Anonymous said...

The real way a child will conceal drugs from their parents, is that they will not arouse their parent's suspicions. If their parents suspect that their kids are doing drugs (behavioral and physical changes in their child), they can look, and they will find. The real problem is that the parents are clueless, or in denial that their kids are involved with drugs. Maybe they just don't really WANT to know, and just hope the child will "out grow" the problem on their own. Unfortunately, finding their child's drugs will not solve their problem. But it will define how they intend to respond to the discovery that their child uses illegal drugs, and stores them in their house.