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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Citizens have no comment at Baltimore County hearing on $3.5 billion budget

Baltimore County has more than 826,000 residents, but not one of them showed up Tuesday to tell the county how it should spend its $3.5 billion budget.

The County Council held a public hearing in Towson to gather input on the budget, which will guide the county government's spending for the coming fiscal year starting July 1.

While a few people were in the audience -- including two reporters, one school board member and a handful of others -- no one stepped up to speak.



Anonymous said...

Because people feel like it falls on deaf ears.

Anonymous said...

Because when you go to speak, like over 100 teachers and parents did last year to the school board, you are ignored and told up is down, left is right, and insane is sane.

Anonymous said...

Lol our town spends that much a year just on landscaping and tree trimming....

Anonymous said...

Why worry when Democrats run the show and shower unneeded funding to every stupid cause known?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Because people feel like it falls on deaf ears.

April 27, 2017 at 3:44 PM

How the F*** do you know how 826,000 people feel!!

lmclain said...

"We, the people" have seen what our "input" means to these self-important, arrogant, and bribe taking losers. Remember the citizens input regarding the bridge tolls?? Or the thousands who showed up to show their support for less strigent gun laws?

Our "leaders" laughed at them and did what they were bribed to do.

It's a show to make it seem like the people have a voice or a choice.
Believe this - whatever is planned is going to happen and "we, the people" don't matter.

Keep cheering.