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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Seth Rogen: ‘Important to Normalize Dissent’ Against Trump

Canadian actor and filmmaker Seth Rogen believes it is important that resistance to Donald Trump’s presidency and his policy agenda be “normalized.”

“I don’t want to look back in ten years and think, ‘I just didn’t say anything during that time,’ because it seems like a time where it’s very important to normalize dissent,” Rogen told the Daily Beast in an interview at the SXSW festival, where his latest film, The Disaster Artist, premiered this week.

The Sausage Party star says he’s “been very conscious not to insult people who voted for Donald Trump,” but believes it also important for him to normalize “the idea that a lot of people do not think that he is a good president, and do not think that he is bringing the country in a good direction, and not making it seem like some fringe, out-there thing that only really aggressive people who have whipped themselves into some sort of frenzy are expressing.”



Anonymous said...

Anybody who dips snuff should have no say in ANYTHING because they've already shown poor judgement and choice making skills.Their family hates it but they won't say anything because the snuff dippers usually have decent jobs and are good providers,but they still gross everyone out.Seth is a chronic snuff dipper.His bottom lip is always poked out even when he attempts to act & be funny.

lmclain said...

Guess what, you Bozo?
"...a lot of people do not think he is a good President..."
No kidding. Isn't that true of ALL Presidents??
What gives these people the idea that they speak for all Americans?
A lot of Americans DO think he is doing well and believe we ARE going in the right direction.
Is this Canadian (!) that stupid? There was an election in which Trump DESTROYED that whore who tried to become President. Is he still mad about it??? lol
Maybe he can shoot over to that ugly washed up singer's house and have a big stack of pancakes and cry together.

Anonymous said...

I have no problem with dissent. Organized violence, manufactured outrage and collusion to "control the narrative" is a different thing.

Anonymous said...

1) He is Canadian
2) Have you seen "Sausage Party" ? (need I say more??)

My Tweet to Seth:
"Hey Seth, it would be really cool if you just went back to toking-up and stop being political before you look stupid, OH wait, it is too late for that !"