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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Savage: GOP Traitors Blocking Trump

Ryan, McCain trying to save Obamacare from Trump

A civil war has started between patriots and neocons in government, says radio host Dr. Michael Savage.

“It’s a civil war. Who’s winning though is the question,” Savage said on The Alex Jones Show Tuesday. “We elected the President, we allegedly own the Senate, we have the House, and we’re getting nothing done. No tax cuts, not a brick laid for the wall. What’s been done?”

The immediate threat to President Trump’s America First agenda is the neocon wing of Republican Party like Speaker Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell, Savage noted.

“Because they’re obstructionists, as you know,” he said. “The left wing of the Republican Party is impeding Donald Trump at every turn. The left wing of the Republican Party is the Democrat Party, is the Socialist Party USA, it’s all one.”

“They don’t care about borders, language, or culture,” he continued. “All they care about it feathering their own nests and feathering the military-industrial complex with another endless war.”



Anonymous said...

Those Traitors are getting on my never. WTH would they even want to keep Obamacare. First of all I don't see what was wrong with insurance prior to Obamacare? If you wanted insurance bad enough you would pay for it or you would find a job that offered it as a benefit.

If you were seriously handicapped you would be eligible for Medicare or Medicaid.

Anonymous said...

You can't make this stuff up!

Anonymous said...

Trump called it right on McCain during the election. McCain was a poor pilot, who destroyed aircraft and allowed himself to be shot down and captured by the enemy. He was weak-willed and then succumbed to the interrogations, selling our our country with his statements on behalf of the enemy. He'll never forgive Trump for calling McCain's service what it was. Trump said McCain is no hero. Trump said HIS heroes DIDN'T get captured and sell out to the enemy. Some might say it was a little harsh, but at the same time McCain was criticizing and not supporting Trump, who not only won McCain's Party nomination, but also won the election for the Republican Party, something that McCain failed so miserably at. Heck, it was McCain's loss that gave us Obama. Now he supports Obama's failed policies over the fresh start that Trump offers. First McCain was a traitor to his country, and now he is a traitor to his party. Trump is still right. McCain is no hero to the American people.

Anonymous said...

Too bad we can't repeal and replace ryan,mcconnell and mccain. With them gone,maybe something could actually get done.

Anonymous said...

These three barely won re-election. Next time they will be remembered and have another Republican challenger will win.

Anonymous said...

I suported Ryan's challenger in the primaries, I hope he challenges again because everybody is fed up Paul Ryan's incompentance and just stupidity. The house needs to vote him out of the speakers seat,nothing will get done as long as that idiot is there and Republicans will lose the house and maybe the senate next election.

Anonymous said...

Republicans are on a fast pace to lose Congress because of Ryan, McCain, Graham and 5 others in the House and Senate. But they will blame Trump for their acts of being a traitor to the Republican Party.