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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

White Guilt Invades Elite Illinois High School

Now that institutions of higher learning have been thoroughly molded in the principles and practices of white guilt, it's time to turn to the high schools.

For that, we take you to Chicago's affluent North Shore suburbs, where the excellent New Trier High School has set aside an entire day to program student minds with the shame of white privilege.

Indeed, the children ought to be deeply chastened for being born into suburbs that are 80 percent white, upper-middle, and upper-upper class. They should feel profound remorse for living in a high school district where mind-blowing property taxes provide the highest-quality education. Where school superintendent Linda Yonke pulls down a dazzling salary in excess of $300,000, where 15 administrators and half of its 400 teachers make more than $100,000.

To hammer home their humiliation, the 14-to-18-year-olds will attend an all-day seminar on Feb. 28 called "Understanding Today's Struggle for Racial Civil Rights." Not a bad idea for Black History Month. Except that the seminar is chock-a-block with left wing, white-guilt proselytizers.

Here a few of the 36 "invited presenters" who, we're told, were carefully screened:



Anonymous said...

Only pride for this white guy.funny how the liberals only want to lowerthe standards and never lift other up.

Anonymous said...

Peaked my interest with White Guilt until the word Chicago was presented. Sorry, no sympathy and can't fix incompetent failure with brainwashing.

Bad reporting.

Anonymous said...

I bear no shame.

Anonymous said...

There is no white guilt. If anyone is guilty it's Black's for their dumbing down of their own race to keep them in line. They are the true racists always spreading hate and lies. They need to drop the "slave" BS that was over 150 years ago, everyone has moved on while they still try to play the race card over it. They did not experience this and need to stop using it for a handout and special treatment. If they don't like it here they are more than welcome to go back to Africa or any other country of their chosing