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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

A Viewer Writes: Vote NO on SB354

Dear Senator Mathias, please choose to be always working for LIFE and vote NO on SB354.

I cannot understand how politicians can believe they have the right to regulate the deaths of innocents. Look around at those who surround you in the MD legislature - are you willing to let them regulate the end of your life?

You were able to stand up against your Party to vote against the repeal of the death penalty - please stand strong and represent your and your constituents' GOD-given values of LIFE, LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS.


Anonymous said...

Mathias is another Catholic (perhaps in name only) who does not oppose abortion.

Anonymous said...

Mathias is a no good p.o. Shi-

Anonymous said...

Mathias will never go against his party. He is another Conway. Also he will never go against his buddies, encase nobody knows he is not an Eastern Shore person he is an implant from the Center of MD that went to OC and thought he was somebody. He will never vote for the voters of the Shore unless it is election time so he can spread his lying propaganda.

Anonymous said...

Try to contact him about this. Guarantee you that he will not respond back. Nwvwe does, thinks he is too good to respond. Can't wait till he is up for re-election