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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

How the media are doing everything they can to confuse the living daylights out of you


After President Trump's press conference last week, the liberal media went into its normal meltdown since he did not do it their way. You know, pandering to them because they are supposed to be the elites of media, they want to set the narrative in the media with their leading and off-priority questions, and not once being able to get a collective gotcha question to put the president on defense.

Instead, it was the president's press conference and not theirs.

A montage of liberal media responses we shared on my radio show described the press conference as anything but positive – accusing him of whining and even of being un-American, to mention just a few of their narrratives.

Jake Trapper of CNN looked right into the CNN camera and said, "Mr. President, stop whining and get to work." Of course, what they call whining is really just setting the record straight, because there has been so much fake and false "news" reported about the new administration's first four weeks in office.

Maybe Jake and the CNN producers should look at the's compilation of "Donald Trump’s Top 10 Accomplishments in His First Month in Office - John Hawkins". From that list it seems to me he's been real busy working for the people, businesses, and our national security.

Chuck Todd of NBC's Meet the Press called Trump's presser "un-American.”



Anonymous said...

Thank goodness for your site and other outlets like it, Joe. Remember what the local press did to try and smear Debbie Campbell and stop her from weeding out corruption in the local government. Democrats like Barrie Tilghman, Jim Ireton, and Mike Dunn used the police chief to try and intimidate her over videos that never existed, finally admitted to falsely accusing her of a conflict of interest in the front page of the newspaper, called her racist, and so much more. Your site was in its infancy, but was a place to go for an honest report. This is the same behavior from the same ilk at a national level. They finally managed to somewhat turn voters unjustly against Campbell. Let's not let the same thing happen with our president.

Anonymous said...

Man the pumps and shoring detail.

Anonymous said...

Well what do we expect. I now more than ever appreciate the claim that the MSM has garnered the reputation of the junk tabloids and visa versa. I get my "facts" from FOX News and Salisbury News period. It is fun watching the left melt down and as Trump's policies and reforms begin working it is only going to get worse. Can you imagine the outrage when people are actually back to work and healthcare is again affordable? Can you imagine the angst when taxes are lower and regulations rolled back that will spark GDP. I love it! Proof is the market is going nuts. Dang it all!

Anonymous said...

These bullies are showing their true colors. They are a bunch of cry babies that is getting their feelings hurt because someone is revealing their agenda. They have to realize reality and they do not control the agenda of US policy.

Anonymous said...

10;19,Amen to that even though some on Fox are libs like Shep Smith,D Asman and Liz C.

Anonymous said...

ignore the MSM and you'll be just fine...

Anonymous said...

He needs to keep MSM on a starvation diet of access. Let them sit in the briefing room and squirm. Let them try to run their Sunday shows without anyone to ask gotcha questions of.

Rinse, repeat.