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Wednesday, September 14, 2016



Anonymous said...

Something that Bill had hidden in his pants cost him, too.

Anonymous said...


lmclain said...

How many real people (not ones paid to show up) are there to hear what she has to say? About 40-50??
No one has a hillary sign in their yard, no bumper stickers on cars, almost NO atttendance at her "rallies" (LOL), and even the in-her-pocket media can't stop the flood of negative info and images.
And we are continually told she will be the next president.
That's because she knows -- KNOWS IT! -- the election is a scam and a fraud on the people to convince them they really have a voice.
Ask Bernie how fair the elections are and whether the results can be trusted. And he's a Democrat!
She's a lock. Bet the house.
That's the lowdown, the skinny, the bottom line, and the final word.
Cheer on.....

Anonymous said...

Gotta love way she always without fail (been doing it since Billy was running for prez too)points to an imaginary supporter in the audience and gives a wide eyed look of surprise and fakes acknowledgment as if she's connecting with audience members. Everything about this liar is fake. She needs to drop to her knees daily and thank God that this country has been so dumbed down and/or sunk so low into depravity that she would be a nominee for president. Karma is kicking in though and it wasn't long after she made her deplorable comment that she nearly fell flat on her lying face and it was caught on video.