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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Dr. Jane Orient: ‘Media Is Being Told Not to Give Us the Whole Story’ on Hillary Clinton’s Health

Dr. Jane Orient, executive director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, joined SiriusXM host Alex Marlow on Monday’s Breitbart News Daily to talk about Hillary Clinton’s medical condition.

“Let’s stick to the facts that we know,” Dr. Orient suggested, adding:

We know that she has a very serious concussion that took her a long time to recover from. We also know that she had transverse sinus thrombosis, which involves one of the two veins that drains blood out of your head. And both of these things can have serious long-term consequences. We’ve certainly heard about the National Football League, and the movie Concussion, and about the longtime problems had by athletes who have suffered concussions.

Orient pointed out that “as far as we know,” Clinton has not undergone the neuro-cognitive testing such athletes require before receiving permission to return to the field.

“Also, her doctor has made the statement that this clot near her brain has dissolved, but I don’t know how she came to that conclusion because it usually doesn’t. Anti-coagulants don’t dissolve clots; they help to prevent them from propagating,” she noted.



Anonymous said...

The only way to determine if the clot has resolved and has not left residual physical brain damage (scarring, vascular changes) is to see the proof on an MRI. Otherwise, it's just conjecture.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Dr. Wannabee

Anonymous said...

MRI will not always show damage but memory loss seizures loud outburst long coughing spells uncontrollable laughter angry outbursts depression makes it reasonably to believe brain damage

Anonymous said...

I don't usually offer syntax advice on a blog, but golly geez.
Try using a comma or a period every now and then.