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Monday, February 08, 2016

Why Did Obama Tell Brazen Lies at the Baltimore Mosque?

That President Obama told a series of brazen lies about Islam in his December 3 Baltimore speech is being well documented by experts on Islam.

Why he did it – and why the Left in America is defending those lies — is more important for patriots to understand.

Obama chose as the venue for his praise of Islam as a religion of peace and tolerance the same Baltimore mosque that in 2012 was under FBI scrutiny because its former imam condoned suicide bombing and one of its members was arrested for plotting to bomb a federal building. Why did Obama feel a need to help “rehabilitate” the mosque reputation by selecting it as the site for his speech?

The full text of Obama’s speech at the Baltimore mosque is available on the White House website and has been helpfully reprinted by the New York Times. Anyone who thinks my criticism of the speech is unwarranted is invited to read the full text and tell me where I have misrepresented his remarks.

Of course, the speech had some platitudes about our nation’s history of tolerance and freedom of speech, and we all support the First Amendment’s guarantee of freedom of worship. But even in recounting America’s historic commitment to religious tolerance, Obama misrepresents the Founders’ views of Islam.

Jefferson did indeed include “Mohammadans” – as Muslims were known in those times– as entitled to freedom of worship, but he included them for the purpose of making clear that even the most extreme, non-Christian religions were welcome in America.

But in 1805, President Jefferson had a different encounter with Islam when he sent the U.S. Marines to fight the young nation’s first battle on foreign soil –against Muslims in Tunisia and Tripoli who were kidnapping American, French and British sailors and holding them for ransom. They were called the Barbary Pirates.

But Obama’s gift for fabrication was not limited to mis-characterizing Islam’s place in American history. He also misquoted the Koran—more than once.

Obama bizarrely invented a new translation of the word “Islam” itself, saying incorrectly that the word comes from the same root as the Muslim word for peace—salam, as in, “peace be with you.” In fact, in Arabic, the word “Islam” means “submission,” not peace, meaning submission to Allah and the teachings of his prophet, Mohammad.

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Anonymous said...

What a stupid question. He tells brazen lies because he is a brazen LIAR! Duh.

Anonymous said...

This pos needs to be arrested.

Anonymous said...

His whole presidency has been nothing but lies,,,,,,,,,,,,,and higher taxes

Anonymous said...

Cause that's all he knows to do.

Anonymous said...

All I can do is wait until he is gone from the White House:like a kid waiting for Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Because he is a Muslim! ! The Koran says you are allowed to lie!! Not that difficult to figure out.

Anonymous said...

Why Did Obama Tell Brazen Lies at the Baltimore Mosque? Because he's a lying, manipulative bonehead.

Anonymous said...

Because that's what he does