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Monday, February 08, 2016

Obama Ryan Gasoline Tax Funds Int’l Green Slush Fund

The communist who just inked a deal with the UN to mandate his profiteering “green” energy climate conjob around the world is following up with the means to make gasoline more expensive and to fund his green energy slush fund. Now he’s about to force us to subsidize his piracy to the tune of a $10 per barrel oil tax.

Just as Disney employees had to train their foreign “Marco Rubio Replacement” workers and ISIS forces those they are going to execute to dig their own graves, Obama and his comrade globalist controllers delight in making those who are being eliminated by their “leveling” of the playing field be the funding source of their demise. How lucky Obama and Ryan are that the price of oil is down at just the time they planned to slip what would otherwise be a controversial tax through on the American people. We’ll hardly notice it now and once prices return to the old normal, as they surely will, the tax will be part of the new old normal. Obama’s green energy scam will have its mega slush fund permanently entrenched.

It’s almost as if this oil tax was a scripted, anticipatory GOP concession to the demands of dictator Obama. As it turns out, the supposed sole victory for Republicans is now just a delayed mega-funding coup for teammates Obama and Ryan. Together they have now met all of Obama’s supposed demands, regardless of how damaging or traitorous they were. No wonder Boehner was in tears and decided it was better to quit than to go down in history with his name attached to this sack of Obamanure.

Obama speaks with some authority, predicting that gas prices will be low for the foreseeable future, but that they will go back up. He’s anxious to capitalize on the fluctuations and accelerate a transition to a “clean energy economy,” the kind that he spelled out in both the UN climate agreement and the Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Agreement. The ink for both is barely dry and in fact, the climate conjob still must be signed at a puke-in pageant on “Earth Day,” April 22nd.


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