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Monday, February 08, 2016

German Security Chief Warns of Islamic State Militants Posing as Refugees

The German national security service warned Friday that Islamic State militants are infiltrating Europe under the guise of asylum seekers.

The announcement comes after Berlin police arrested three Thursday in an investigation of four Algerian men who are suspected of planning terror attacks in Germany and having ISIS ties.

“We have seen repeatedly that terrorists are being smuggled in disguised or camouflaged as refugees,” said Hans-Georg Maassen, the head of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, according to the UK Daily Telegraph.

German authorities have tried to downplay the threat of Islamic State terrorists disguising themselves as refugees, according to the paper. Around one million asylum-seekers entered the country last year. Maasen reiterated that it was a “reality that the security agencies have to face.”

Maasen told Germany’s ZDF TV it was clear from November’s Paris terror attacks that “ISIL consciously infiltrates terrorists among the refugees.” A woman, who claimed to have led Abdelhamid Abaaoud’s cousin to the French encampment where he was staying, told The Wall Street Journal that the Paris attacks leader came into Europe with 90 other militants.



Anonymous said...

The World is full of posers.

Anonymous said...

Sadly all young Muslims are easy targets of ISIS. This is nothing new this was going on in the 90's. Many young American Muslims are following this movement. I say get out of America or any other country your scum does not like. You have a home go enjoy it. America is home of the Brave and Free.

If you choose this life then welcome. If you are my enemy or the enemy of my faith then you should not come here. Christian's here will not stand by as you rape our young and destroy our sacred places. Americans will never bow to terrorist.

Anonymous said...

no kidding. The first clue was...?

Amen 10:55

lmclain said...

But, take heart.
Obama is POSITIVE that there are NO (as in "NONE") terrorists in the ones WE let come here.
They (your "leaders) are NOT worried --- they are surrounded by small armies who will kill YOU in a slit second and send their kids to private schools (with more armed guards).
"We, the people"?? Cannon fodder.
Well, politicians understand that some people have to get killed and maimed for "progress" and "diversity". They just make sure it won't be any of THEM.
Keep cheering.