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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Report: Adviser Told Biden – Clinton War Machine Will “Destroy You”

VP backed away from presidential run after warning

Joe Biden’s decision to stay out of the 2016 presidential race was reportedly made after a conversation with a high ranking adviser who told him the Clinton war machine was prepared to destroy the Vice President’s reputation if he dared challenge Hillary.

The reason cited behind Biden’s announcement yesterday that he would not run for the Democratic nomination was the fact that his family is still in mourning after the loss of Biden’s son Beau to brain cancer.

However, according to DC Whispers another factor could have swayed the decision – a warning that the Clintons were “fully prepared and willing” to utterly destroy Joe Biden’s “past, present, and future.”


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Anonymous said...

What! Wow. I in no way am a Democrat but can only say there is no way dirt on Biden is worse than Clinton. That worthless cum rag is dirtier than a hooking curb creature. It dosent matter. Obama has opened the eyes of America. No way in hell they'll keep a Democrat in the White House.