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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Mass Stabbing At A School In Sweden

A teacher is dead and four students are injured after a masked man armed with a swordattacked a school in Trollhatten, Sweden:

According to the news agency AP, one teacher has been confirmed dead following the attack at the Kronan school in Trollhattan, north of Sweden’s second-largest city Gothenburg.

Another four students are reported to have been injured.

Police said they were initially called to reports of a masked man, armed with a sword, on the premises and that one person had been attacked at or near the school cafeteria.

Two of the four students are in serious condition. Despite ignorant cries from leftists calling for civilian disarmament, the reality of the matter is that an edged weapon—including simple cooking knives—can cause an incredible amount of damage in the hands of someone with even a minimal amount of training and determination.

The masked man was taken into custody after Swedish Police rationalized with him, and explained the error or his ways.

Just kidding.

They shot him until he dropped.


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Anonymous said...

There goes the gun control will stop mass killings theory. There is not one argument to justify taking guns from the people. Disarming any population is done for one reason only.... Total control.