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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Elite Deviance

This review is from: The Clintons’ War on Women

Roger Stone’s and Robert Morrow’s new book, “The Clintons’ War on Women,” is the ultimate Clinton Exposé: A “no holds barred” look at the numerous scandals and criminal behaviors of Hillary and Bill Clinton which have previously been either indelicately hidden, perfunctorily denied or spun into oblivion by them and their sycophantic apologists. This account lays bare all the gory details of how the Clintons have exploited the generally sympathetic and politically correct news media to build a nearly-impenetrable shell around themselves and their enigmatic “Clinton Foundation.” From the first pages of the Introduction to the last pages of the Epilogue, this is a riveting page turner and a persuasive, albeit very disturbing, account of how patterns set by certain White House predecessors were replicated by the Clintons to protect them from their own sordid past.

This book is not for the faint-hearted; those who want a distilled and gentle rendition of why there is such a profoundly divergent dichotomy between their “good vs. bad” reputations will be stunned by the contents of this uncompromising book. But a sugar-coated, quasi-attack could not have produced the transformational look into the innermost sanctums of the Clinton’s personae that this book affords. Clearly, when these authors set out to “correct the record,” they decided early-on to check any reservations or inhibitions at the door: The Stone/Morrow charge is of the full-frontal, no-retreat style, as described by Stone himself in the Introduction: “I believe in presenting the naked truth, and I am not holding back.” One example of that — in describing the diabolical nature of the family “Foundation” — is neatly summed up in the space of merely three sentences:

“In fact, the Clinton Foundation is a slush fund for grifters. Both Clintons are notorious moochers. The pizza delivery boy who recalled delivering pizza to Hillary’s dorm room at Wellesley College recalled being stiffed on any tips, and Bill Clinton notoriously carried no cash, leaning on friends and associates to pick up the tabs for his meals, drinks, and revelry.”


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Anonymous said...

Hillary claims to have been broke when they left the White House, they are now worth a fortune, which includes four homes, one valued at $13 million, one $11 million. Just what do you think their "foundation" is all about? Enriching the Clintons, of course, as they are nothing but crooks. Please don't put this woman in the White House again.