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Saturday, October 24, 2015

About 600 Worcester Students Now Using Laptops In Class

BERLIN – A quarter of the high school students in Worcester County’s public schools are now learning with laptops.

Nearly 600 of the county’s 2,014 high school students have their own mobile devices thanks to the digital conversion launched in Worcester County this fall. Laptops have been provided to all of the ninth-graders in Worcester County public schools.

“It has been very exciting,” said Diane Stulz, coordinator of digital learning and instruction for the school system.

In a report to the school board this week, Stulz and Tom Mascara, coordinator of technology for the county’s schools, outlined the early September distribution of laptops at area high schools and discussed challenges they’d faced during the process.



Unknown said...

Great! Now, where is the plan to transition the funding from libraries to laptops? We can't all be depending on libraries to provide us with simply story reads. Libraries and laptops are both tools but we don't need both.

Anonymous said...

But can they balance a check book? I have my doubts.

Anonymous said...

What's a checkbook? Most people under 30 don't have them, they do banking electronically.