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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Is the Annual Pay Raise Dead?

Already have plans to spend that big end-of-year bonus on something special? You might want to stop dreaming. While you're at it, you might want to stop planning, too.

A recent study proclaimed troubling news for workers: For the fifth year in a row, employee bonus pools will come in below target, according to benefits consulting firm Towers Watson. And 2015 bonuses will be funded even less than last year. That means companies have fallen short of their financial goals, so expect whatever end-of-year gift you were hoping for (planning for?) to be a disappointment.

A different compensation research firm, Aon Hewitt, disagrees with Towers' finding, and said bonus pools are basically right on target this year (102% of target, actually). Whew!



Anonymous said...

we never got one anyway.

Anonymous said...

5:52am, same here!

Anonymous said...

Many years ago, I worked for a local jerk who built himself a $500,000 barn on his private property from company money and then told everyone there was no money for raises and then had the gall to hold his christmas lunch in the newly built barn and you had to show up to get your pay check.

Welcome to Smallsbury where we still live and work in the 1980's

Unknown said...

"where we still live and work in the 1980's"

Lucky you!

Anonymous said...

10:44 Lucky? Keeping women down, sexual harrassment, low pay, no pay for overtime, no benefits. Lucky? I do not find that mentality lucky or attractive, but it is alive and well here in the bury. This is the most azzbackwards employment mentality community I have ever lived in.

The ignorance around here is astounding.
You may have built it, but you did not build it alone, it took a cast of employees to bring you to your success you greedy little ****.