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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Would-be Waffle House robber dies after having been shot by customer

The Waffle House crew was busily going about its typical early-morning ritual — smothering and scrambling breakfast, clanking through the dirty dishes — when a robber jolted them out of their routine.

A customer decided he was having none of that and opened fire in the North Charleston eatery, thwarting the holdup Saturday by fatally shooting the suspect.

The young man who tried to rob the restaurant was rushed to Medical University Hospital, but he later died, police spokeswoman Angela Johnson said.

The intervening customer, who has not been identified, had a permit to carry a pistol, authorities said.

A restaurant employee expressed gratitude for the customer’s action.

“He saved us, that’s what he did.”



Anonymous said...

Guess that robber got scattered smothered and covered!!!

Good job!

Anonymous said...

Awesome... Wish I was able to CCW.

Anonymous said...

You are, move most anywhere. DE isn't far.

Anonymous said...

Love the second amendment

Pete da Pirate said...

According to a second report the ccw took a position behind a car outside and when the robber exited ccw shouted a demand for robber to drop his weapon at which point ccw was fired upon and afterwards ccw returned fire.

Anonymous said...

Must have been a white guy shooting another white guy or the media would be calling it a "Hate Crime".

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Funny I didn't see anything about this on msnbc.

Anonymous said...

This is one way to lower crime. Take out the bad people one at a time and things will begin to get better.