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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Clemson’s Political Correctness Is Getting Out Of Hand


There’s a story on political correctness running amok on the campus of Clemson University … and this time it has absolutely nothing to do with the school’s tortured relationship with its segregationist past. Or that whole #Cripmas scandal.

The story – published by Campus Reform – focuses on the school’s “Maximum Mexican” food night, which is about the least controversial thing we could possibly imagine.

Until now …



Anonymous said...

What about spaghetti night? How absurd!

Anonymous said...

Keep paying these crap holes with your hard earned money parents.

Anonymous said...

College has ruined a lot of young minds.

Anonymous said...

Most colleges are like the public school systems. They are paid to indoctrinate the young people. That is why the younger generation hates the Confederate Battle flag, because they don't know the true history. That is why they believe in Same Sex Marriage. That is why they believe in interracial marriages. They have been indoctrinated to think every thing that is associated with Whitey is bad.