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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Franklin Graham Blasts Atheist Effort to Remove Cross

The Rev. Franklin Graham Saturday slammed the Freedom From Religion Foundation for "trying to intimidate" a small central Kentucky city into removing a cross that has stood atop its water tower for decades.

The foundation, based in Madison, Wis., "is at it again," Graham said on Facebook. "Reaching in from another state, they're trying to intimidate the city of Wilmore, Ky., into taking down a cross that has stood on top of their water tower for years."

Settled by Revolutionary War soldiers in 1770, Wilmore is about 20 miles southwest of Lexington.

The water tower sits on the campus of Asbury University, a private Christian college that mounted the cross on its top years before transferring the tower to the city in October 1976, The Central Kentucky News reports.

The transfer required that the cross remain on the tower, Mayor Harold Rainwater told the News. The university pays all electricity and maintenance costs, he said.

Rainwater, who is also an Asbury associate professor, said that he strongly opposed removing the cross.

"There’s a groundswell of support to keep (the cross) and I’m certainly going to fight to keep it with everything I’ve got," he told the News. "I think it’s symbolic of our town.

"I 100-percent support keeping it there," he added. "We won’t take it down unless we’re forced to take it down."



Anonymous said...

It is an all out assault on religious freedom coming from every entity.

Anonymous said...

You are correct, 3:15.

Anonymous said...

It is truly a sad day for America when the citizens allow godless, radical groups of any kind to dictate to the American majority what they can and cannot do.

GOD and the holy cross has been around since time began and most certainly before these soul-less radical groups were ever dreamed up. These kinds of groups are mouthy, arrogant, aggressive and militant; the disenfranchised of society. They have no ability nor do they want to understand another person's beliefs if they differ from their own.

GOD will not be mocked, and there will be a day before these types of people leave this earth, that they will albeit silently pray to the Holy Father for help and forgiveness for their sins and for relief. Be disrespectful now, and bad-mouth others, but your day will come and then you will realize all too late how you threw away the greatest gift that you could ever imagine.

Anonymous said...

Paid activists will coerce people to get what they want. Lobbyists who claim to be Pantheists were behind the Statue of Baphomet initiative in Oklahoma. If you research Pantheism .. it in many ways... mirrors the zeal of the Gore-bots and their Climate hyperbole.

Anonymous said...

The progressives are coming after your freedoms inch by inch.

Anonymous said...

Contract law is contract law. We are a nation of laws. If it is in the contract, well, T.S., idiots!