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Monday, June 22, 2015

Dr. Ben Carson: Leaders Making 'Political Hay' of Charleston Church Shooting

2016 Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson reacted on "Fox and Friends Weekend" today to the fallout from the Charleston church shooting.

He said that it's difficult for politicians to let a terrible event like that occur without trying to make "political hay" of it.

"If we continue to allow the purveyors of division and hatred to stoke the flames of controversy, we're going to continue to have hatred manifested in these kinds of horrible ways," Carson said. "And we must, as a nation, begin to teach, particularly our young people, what is very important. And that is that everybody is equal, everybody is protected. And let's look more deeply than just superficial coloring of skin."



Anonymous said...

And now you are included. For being a smart man, he's very dumb.

Anonymous said...

Is he a frequent Fox contributor? If so..... Fox isn't the place to be if you want my vote.

Anonymous said...

Mitt Romney was a true leader on this.

Anonymous said...

Run Ben run.

Anonymous said...

Many, including the President seem to be adding to the racial tension at every opportunity, instead of using their positions to try to soothe and defuse these situations.

Obama and Holder have been two of the most divisive I've seen. It's a shame, because I think most of America would like to put the racial tensions and differences behind us..

But they won't let that happen. The divisions are too useful to them.

Anonymous said...

You might be better informed if you did watch. NO he is not a contributor on Fox.

Anonymous said...

I know for real 7:49. 6:51 is what you call one of them low information voters.

Steve said...

Paul / Carson or Carson / Paul. Either way, we're saved!