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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Temporary, teen and sibling housing sought

There are many types of services provided to children by the Worcester County Department of Social Services and many local children need every kind – and then some.

Just 21 homes, with one more coming online before July 1, are available to provide temporary or foster care to the 28 children and young adults currently in the system. Geography counts, especially in Worcester County, because the troubles that could lead a family to avail themselves of foster options are universal, according to Jami Truitt of Worcester County Social Services said. Cities and towns within Worcester are not, Truitt said, using the differences between Ocean Pines and Girdletree as an example.

“My pie in the sky is there is a home on every block in every neighborhood that has been licensed to foster children,” she said.

As it is, besides parents and extended family members, Truitt said social services would explore “fictive” bonds between people, in order to retain a measure of stability in an unstable time. A coach, friend’s parent or close neighbor could potentially step in as a foster parent to preserve school attendance, social circles and as much of a daily routine as possible, Truitt said.


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