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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Israeli Government to Refugees: Go Back to Africa or Go to Prison

HOLOT, Israel — As Europe struggles to stem a spring flood of migrants from Africa and the Middle East trying to cross a deadly Mediterranean Sea, Israel has begun to toughen its stance toward refugees, telling unwanted Africans here they must leave now or face an indefinite stay in prison.

Israeli authorities are sending letters to the first of 45,000 Eritrean and Sudanese refugees, informing them they have 30 days to accept Israel’s offer of $3,500 in cash and a one-way ticket home or to an unnamed third country in Africa, or face incarceration at Saharonim prison.

Israeli leaders have proclaimed that their tough approach — building a fence along its border, denying work permits for illegal migrants, forcing them into a detention center in the desert — may ultimately save lives by dissuading migrants from attempting a perilous journey. Critics of the Israeli policy counter that a country built by refugees should be more accepting of those fleeing war, poverty and oppression.

But these days, even liberal Europe is considering a more muscular approach. The European Union began a push Monday for U.N. authorization to deploy military force in the Mediterranean to stop migrant smuggling ships.



Anonymous said...

Better than prison, tell 'em they'll have to work! Then put 'em to work rebuilding roads, bridges, schools, and the stuff the terrorists blew up!

Anonymous said...

USA should do same thing.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who has lived in Israel (like I have) knows that its already a ironic that a country "founded" mainly by refugees between 1945 and 1949 now treats fellow human beings in this way...

Anonymous said...

France and Germany our getting rid of the Muslim POS and now ISRAEL is doing it with ALL their rifraf. Hopefully when the Muslim in chief gets out we will do the same.

Anonymous said...

The economy can only assimilate so many immigrants. Especially ones with no assets or significant skills.
They are doing what they must do to preserve the Israeli society.
If only we were smart enough to do the same.

Anonymous said...

Fellow human beings? ?? I guess you don't watch the news? ? Human beings #! That's rich.

Anonymous said...

The leaders of Israel are doing their jobs-looking out for the best interests of Israel. Too bad the "leaders" of our country aren't doing the same.

Anonymous said...

You go Israel!!

Anonymous said...

Send them back to their country with a rifle and a few loaded magazines and tell them to fight for the freedom they want.
If they let them stay they will start having babies buy the dozen which they won't support and the working legal citizens will get stuck with paying for it. Sound familiar?

Anonymous said...

What gets me, is that practically every illegal immigrant gets called a "refugee", as if they were fleeing some catastrophic and life endangering event. They aren't "seeking refuge" from being personally tortured or killed, or have had their homes, land, property and livelihood confiscated by an invading country or a new government of oppression to a minority (like the South African black government has inflicted on whites there).

They're unable to assimilate into their OWN country, so they won't assimilate into another,

I know there's some ancestrl tribal folklore about the Ethiopians being somehow related to the Jews, but other than that, why would generic Africans make a beeline for Israel, anyhow? Why didn't they simply hop the border into another African country, that's where they belong?

Israel is being very generous to offer thousands of dollars to bribe them to leave. Unfortunately this may lead to more Africans heading there to claim a $3500 bonus to go home.

I just hope that "third country" they are to be sent not the USA.