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Saturday, May 16, 2015

And The Lawsuits Keep Piling In


I do not want to create extra work for you, but I would respectfully request forwarding your clients a copy of this draft Complaint.  I have given this matter thought over the weekend, and I would like to give the City of Salisbury one opportunity to resolve these matters quietly, globally and confidentially. 

From what I hear this latest incident was really bad.  I have pictures of my clients’ injuries and I can provide them to you upon request.  I cannot believe that this Officer continues to be supported by the SPD.  Currently, I am aware of the following incidents:

1.       12/30/13 (Jennie Davis)(racial slurs, excessive force)
2.       1/1/14 (Roadie Joe’s incident)(pepper spray while handcuffed)
3.       5/4/14 (Curtis Adams, et al)(excessive force, altering police reports)
4.       Summer 2014 (Kushner workplace and phone “harassment”)
5.       8/11/14 (Francois, et al)(excessive force while handcuffed)
6.       8/24/14 (Smith, et al) (racial profiling, guns drawn)
7.       4/9/15 (Hampshire)(racial slurs, excessive force, pepper spray while handcuffed, guns drawn)

As you know, Aita has lost every contested court case—neither judges or juries find him to be credible.  We cannot ignore this reality.  Also, the fact that this misconduct keeps happening should surprise no one.  The similarities are fairly unmistakable.  If the City is interesting in resolving these matters I would suggest reaching out to me quickly. As someone who works and lives in Salisbury, I would like to get this behind us, privately. The alternative will be a very public response by my clients.  We are ready to move forward in that regard, and I have a feeling this case will be of national interest.    

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Luke Rommel


Anonymous said...

Shake 'em and Bake 'em, Luke!
You're doing a great job!

Anonymous said...

He's found a gold mine like most ambulance chasers . It's going on all over the country.
Don't get me wrong , I'd do it too , get on the band wagon.
Easy pickins!!

Anonymous said...

What about right and wrong?

Anonymous said...

LOL-"I have a feeling this case will be of national interest"

Only in your dreams. I urge the city to not "get this behind us privately" and if Rommel were on the up and up he would want transparency.