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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Professor, Christians: Reports of Faith Dying in US 'Just Not True'

The Christian faith in the United States is not dying despite studies that say otherwise, adherents say.

A Christian Post article refutes claims made in a recent Pew Research Center study that showed Christianity is on the decline and Islam is on its way up in terms of followers.

"There's a story some people want to report — that religion is on life support — but it's just not true," said Baylor University professor Byron Johnson, the founding director of the Institute for Studies of Religion, in the Christian Post piece.

Johnson countered claims that Americans are leaving the Christian faith by saying many of those people are instead either attending non-denominational churches or deciding to not attend mass for a few years.

Russell Moore, president of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, told the Christian Post the Pew numbers indicate Christianity is no longer "normal" — and that's not a bad thing, he said.

"Christianity isn't normal anymore. It never should have been. The increasing strangeness of Christianity might be bad news for America, but it's good news for the church," Moore said. "The major newspapers are telling us today that Christianity is dying, according to this new study, but what is clear from this study is exactly the opposite: while mainline traditions plummet, evangelical churches are remaining remarkably steady.

"The churches that are thriving are vibrant, counter-cultural congregations that aren't afraid to not be seen as normal to the surrounding culture," Moore added. "This report actually leaves me hopeful."

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Anonymous said...

It certainly is true that many of us are weary of 'Religion'.. mindlessly-repeated rituals and traditions that really don't mean anything.

But that doesn't mean we don't love Jesus anymore.

We don't go to a 'church' anymore, because we can't seem to find one that isn't more Hollywood than holiness..
But the 'church' isn't a building anyway. It's a body of true believers in which the Holy Spirit dwells; who seek His direction in their daily lives and who OBEY Him when He gives it.

The true Body of Christ is not denominational. We are everywhere, and He works in and through those of us who will let Him in order to minister His love to our lost and dying world.
The 'denominations' and their man-made traditions and rituals are drying up and blowing away, but the Church is alive and well, and growing every day.
This fire was ignited a long time ago, and NOTHING will extinguish it!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Well said 2:43, what matters, rather who matters, is alive and well!