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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Hillary Clinton's vans get ready for second campaign trip as she spends time with Bill

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton enjoyed some downtime with husband Bill on Saturday afternoon, taking a stroll near their Chappaqua, New York, home.

Meanwhile, her two 'Scooby' campaign vans got some TLC of their own at a local body shop, where they were also hand washed.

The aspiring leader of the free world and her husband were spotted wearing blue ball caps - Hillary's bearing the Clinton Foundation logo- and matching dark blue shirts as they soaked in the sun and walked hand-in-hand through a nearby park.

Mrs Clinton will hit the campaign trail again today in New Hampshire, where she'll hold a round table at a family-owned business this afternoon.

She'll participate in another tomorrow morning at a community college during her two-day swing through the Granite State.



Anonymous said...

Funny, they're not usually together unless it's staged for attention to benefit another scheme of theirs.

Anonymous said...

When Bill's riding around in the Scooby van they need to put a sign on it saying-
If This Van's a Rockin'- Don't Come a Knockin'.

Anonymous said...

I can't get past the Bill and Hillary "downtime" issue.A scary thought for sure.

Anonymous said...

anon 8:28,that was so funny ,you ever think about a career in stand up comedy?

Anonymous said...

After the election, the van will be renamed to "Slick Willy's Booty Call Service"!

Anonymous said...

anon 12:34,that was even funnier than 8:28,man you guys really crack me up,Joe,are these guys funny or what?