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Wednesday, April 22, 2015


State moves to clamp down on driving under the influence of marijuana

A bill moving through the California legislature would equip police with devices enabling them to conduct instant drug tests on motorists to determine whether they’re driving under the influence of marijuana.

Assembly Bill 1356 would allow local law enforcement to take oral swabs, in addition to or in place of blood or breath tests, if a person is arrested for driving under the influence of drugs.

The bill’s sponsor, Assemblyman Tom Lackey (R – Palmdale), showed off the Alere DDS®2 at a press conference yesterday, a portable device he hopes to soon have in the hands of officers across the state.



Anonymous said...

great. Yet another reason to hold you up at a traffic stop. This is only a catalyst to illegal searches. Now they'll just have more time to "smell alcohol" on you or possibly see something that "looks" like a weapon....and then BAM!!! Handcuffs, and off to the pokey...for nothing.

Anonymous said...

Waste of money and resources. They don't work, a friend of mine went for a job interview and he didn't know they were going to test him on the spot that day. He smoked a joint on the way there and when they swabbed him he was negative!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

A totally foolish waste of money and resources. Too much presumption of guilt without numbers to prove it.

lmclain said...

2:52.... maybe you missed it, but your "leaders" and "representatives" (neither do neither) now presume we are all "possible terrorists", all the way from returning soldiers, to pro-lifers to church leaders to veterans flying the flag.
The ONLY people not under suspicion are those who think the USA is an evil & greedy, capitalist pigsty that must be "fundamentally changed". And have to wait until the 3RD of the month for EBT money.
keep cheering.

Anonymous said...

Move to iran.

Anonymous said...

the swab must be calibrated to determine if user is currently under the influence. not whether the user smoked two weeks ago,,,