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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Maryland's Larry Hogan: Unsung Republican Hero

Maryland, the Old Line State, the frequent battleground for the Civil War, has become the tipping point for Democratic dominance along the Eastern Seaboard.

Where New Jersey Governor Chris Christie failed, where Charlie Baker of Massachusetts may stumble, Republican Governor of Maryland Larry Hogan is winning, taking the conservative message of fiscal prudence, limited government, and individual liberty and prosperity to a poverty-stricken, tax-weary Commonwealth overwhelmed by public sector union greed and progressive political pandering.

The last governor, Democratic two-termer Martin O’Malley, checked off every left-wing policy talking point: driver’s licenses for illegal, gay marriage, and even took a shot at gun control. Like Obama, O’Malley shot himself in the foot tangling with the Second Amendment, and widespread advocates stormed Annapolis. So frustrated were law-abiding, taxpaying citizens, Western Maryland petitioned to secede from the state and set up their own Commonwealth. Who could blame them? Thee state government became so onerous, that allowing kids to play by themselves is now a crime, as well as chewing a pop tart to look like a pistol!



Anonymous said...

And as Owe Idiot continues his campaign for prez around the country people should be reminded of what he did to our great state.

Anonymous said...

Hogan is the common sense that we have needed in MD for the last 8 years. MD is now finally open for business. I still can not believe Omally thinks he has a chance at running for president.

Anonymous said...

2:03 - hopefully, he will beat the HildaBeast - then it will be even easier for a conservative to help us take back our country from the brink of the dumbocrat socialist agenda!