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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

(Another) Unarmed Black Man Gunned Down In Oklahoma; Officer Says It Was A Mistake

While people are still mourning the brutal killing of Walter L. Scott, an unarmed black man who was murdered by a white police officer in North Charleston, South Carolina just last week, yet another video has emerged in which a white police officer bound an unarmed black man and shot him in the head in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The officer, identified as Robert Bates, said he used his gun instead of a taser and that it was a mistake that he committed the heinous crime. The victim has been identified as Eric Courtney Harris. The footage of the shooting was captured on another deputy’s body camera.

The footage was said to have been posted by the police department. In the video, the victim is seen running down a street away a pursuing police car. An officer then runs up to him, catches him, bounds him while on the ground and then shoots him in the heard.

Thereafter, the victim starts moaning in pain and crying while other police officers approach the scene and try to resuscitate him.



Anonymous said...

Even if he did mean to taser him, who aims a taser at a person's head?? I'm calling BS.

Anonymous said...

This is the shooting that happened back on April 2nd, right? There hasn't been another one like this has there?

Steve's Leavin's said...

I'm with 9:17. This is the fishiest story ever. You don't tase a person in the back of his head nor after he is "bound on the ground".

Anonymous said...

This was a blatant execution and the cop thought he'd give the " I thought it was my taser" story and get away with it. The police are not trusted by the majority of the population already and with multiple new corruption, abuse of power, and MURDER stories coming out daily they are quickly losing what support they have left.

Anonymous said...

How do you not know the difference? Guns are heavier. And years of training with these weapons you should know where they're at. I know where my hammer is on my belt. Never once grabbed screw driver to bang a nail! I guess the cops have found a loop hole for murder. I got so many weapons I grabbed the wrong one. Sorry. My bad.