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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Here’s Something Every Conservative Activist Can Do (Which They Mostly Don’t And So Liberals Win By Default)

Run for precinct committeeman (below). Take over the party apparatus of their choice and get to know how to build winning coalitions. Liberals do this in both parties, which is why they rule despite being outnumbered by conservatives 2 to 1. And yes, you can publish this under your own name for all I care! Funny how all the “big names” in the conservative media never want to tell anyone how to become really effectivein politics (and there by lose their clout to deliver for the political Insiders!) Grant Noble

The Most Powerful Office in the World is Not the Presidency of the United States!!

“I was a Precinct Committeeman for 16 years and I eagerly encourage others to do likewise.” Phyllis Schlafly, President, Eagle Forum

“I hope this (essay) gets wide distribution.” Hon. U.S. Rep. Phillip M. Crane

I admit it. The title of this essay is a little misleading. Barack Obama is the most powerful man in the world, so technically, the U.S. Presidency is the “Most Powerful Office in the World.” But what if I told you there is another public office that (ultimately) chooses who will be President plus virtually every other elected official in the U. S.? If that were true, wouldn’t that office (ultimately) be the “Most Powerful Office in the World”?

Conservatives take pride in their knowledge of the Constitution and the outward forms of American Government. Many can quote the Found Fathers “The least governed are the best governed” (Jefferson), “Government is like fire, a useful servant but a deadly master” (George Washington), etc. We work hard electing a few tokens (like Reagan). But the bottom line is, we know next to nothing about the real system of American government, which isn’t the fairy tale we’re taught in school.

That’s why, years after the “Reagan Revolution”, taxes (and tax funded abortions) are up, the real Federal debt (with Social Security and other Federal pension liabilities) continues to skyrocket, government regulations and mandates multiply like rabbits. Public schools, the Second Amendment, “Gay Rights”—it’s hard to find one public policy issue that isn’t worse from a conservative perspective!

If you are tired of seeing things continue to go down the drain, you must understand how liberals dominate our government. You must understand the seven laws of American government:

1. If you want to change things, change the laws.

Remember all the nonsense we learned in school about “Coequal Branches of Government”? Actually the Found Fathers made Congress far and away the most powerful branch because it was “closest to the people.” The President can’t spend a dime unless Congress authorizes it. Congress can reject treaties and Presidential appointments, mandate programs the President doesn’t want (by overriding vetoes) and even determine if the Supreme Court can rule on a case (Article III, section 2, “…the Supreme Court shall have original jurisdiction…with such exceptions and under such Regulations as the Congress shall make.”)! Because our state constitutions are modeled after the Federal Constitution, it’s the same story at the local level. Governors and State Supreme Court Justices have some influence, but ultimate power lies in the same legislature that passes the laws and determines what happen in our society. Unfortunately, most legislatures are dominated by liberals


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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, most legislatures are dominated by liberals...
and how does that happen?
Because they are elected.