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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

19 Statistics About Abortion That Every American Should Know

Every single day a tragedy greater than 9/11 takes place, but hardly anyone is talking about it anymore.

On September 11th, 2001 more than 3,000 Americans lost their lives when three giant steel frame skyscrapers were brought down in New York City.

That was a great evil, but so is the fact that we purposely kill more than 3,000 of our own babies every single day in this country. The fact that society has generally accepted the practice of abortion does not lessen the evil that we have done one bit.

Today, the United States has the highest abortion ratein the entire western world, and hardly anyone makes a fuss about it anymore. In fact, a lot of Americans laugh about it, and some even do comedy skits about it.

We are so casual about abortion these days that one university is actually recruiting teen girls to have abortions for a “scientific study” that is being conducted. But someday we will be judged for what we have done.

We have killed more than 56 million of our own babies, and their blood is crying out for justice. In the end, we will reap what we have sown. The following are 19 statistics about abortion that every American show know. Please share these numbers with everyone that you can…

#1 In a massacre that is almost unspeakable, more than 56 million American babies have been murdered in the United States since Roe v. Wade was decided in 1973.



Anonymous said...

How many potential doctors, teachers, scientists been murdered through abortion since 1973? One of the statements I have heard many times is -- the doctor that could have cured cancer was killed through abortion. Gives a person something to think about.

Anonymous said...

I for one do not let it go unnoticed. Whenever I speak of abortion to anyone (especially my liberal friends) I use the term "when we kill the babies". They usually cringe but maybe if we all started referring to abortion as killing the babies people will start to notice.

It's all about the language.

bloggerhater1 said...


think of the serial killers that we didnt allow out either. now thats perspective.

Anonymous said...

If people want to push and argue about how tragic it is and fight for these babies then go and start setting up adoption papers for them all and then you can take care of them. 56 million, you will need a lot of formula!

Anonymous said...

Bloggerhater-- it looks like we missed one.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it amazing what this country has become, when people are so self-centered that having sex is more important to them than a baby's life.

2:18-- how about if people take responsibility for their OWN sexuality and its consequences, instead of using murder as a convenient form of birth control.
Yes.. murder.

Anonymous said...

2:18 I will pray for you because it is painfully obvious you do NOT value life.

Anonymous said...

Okay so here's my deal. If you've never been in a situation where you had to consider abortion is an option you don't have an opinion. You are not allowed to have an opinion. Your opinion is void an invalid.

Until you've lived it you have no validity in your opinion.

Unless you've ever had actually make the decision you don't have an opinion you don't have a right to make an opinion.

It's super easy to be an armchair quarterback on this topic but unless you've actually been in a situation where you've had to make the decision based on your life and your partners life and the quality of the child's life you are not allowed to have an opinion.

I wonder how many of you antiabortion people would be willing to adopt all of those abortions that you help stop. I bet the number would be embarrassingly low.

I also bet you would rail against any tax dollars going to support those children that weren't aborted, wouldn't you. You are all a giant pile of hypocrites.

Anonymous said...

3:53.. it has nothing to do with been there/haven't been there.
Killing a baby is murder, no matter how inconvenient it may be to you or your partner, or how you think the child's life might go.
It is a very self-centered decision with life-long consequences for all involved.

And.. I HAVE been there and participated in arranging an abortion. I understand the agony of it.

But I certainly don't need your permission to speak on it or have an opinion.

Anonymous said...

3:53 I don't remember all the details but a couple years ago there was a challenge to adopt children by a group and within days there was something like 50,000 placed or on adoption lists.

So yes, they would be taken care of and the First Amendment gives me the right to my opinion, not you.

Anonymous said...

Way too many sensitive people out there.Should have been ironed out decades ago and made non negotiable.Any applicable state or federal abortion laws need to be published routinely so that the slow among us will know where they stand.

Anonymous said...

Think about the 52 million children taxpayers would of had to support on welfare. Also think about the future criminals that they would have become.