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Friday, March 20, 2015

New direct flights between New York and Cuba taking off

NEW YORK (AP) — New direct charter flights between New York City and Cuba are now taking off.

Cuba Travel Services has started offering a weekly Tuesday charter between John F. Kennedy International Airport and Havana for people authorized by the U.S. government to visit the island. The flights are operated by Sun Country Airlines, and cost $849 round-trip. The price includes airfare, Cuban medical insurance and U.S. departure taxes.

In January, the Obama administration announced it would be easing travel restrictions.



Anonymous said...

This is an honest/accurate comment.

My neighbor just returned from one of the first tourist visits to Cuba. Her overall impression: I'll never go back.

She reported that the hight point of the trip was a caravan of old car convertibles (driven by former teachers who could only earn $15/mo as a teacher) to dinner on the last night. Food was lousy, infrastructure was sub stone age. I guess we have better ghettos to visit than that.

Still, it's one of our President's cornerstones.

Steve said...

Wow! "Cuban medical insurance"? Is it better than Obamacare? This might be our breakthrough!

Anonymous said...

Please stay home!