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Friday, March 20, 2015

Governor Larry Hogan Announces Support For Maryland Second Chance Act

Legislation Strikes Right Balance To Achieve Lasting Results

Governor Larry Hogan today announced his support for the passage of SB 526 – Maryland Second Chance Act of 2015. This bill authorizes individuals who have a non-violent, misdemeanor criminal record to petition the court to shield court records and police records after a period of three years under certain circumstances and conditions.

“A criminal record can be an insurmountable barrier to individuals seeking employment,” said Governor Hogan. “I believe in second chances, and this bill provides one by allowing those who meet certain conditions to re-enter the workforce without the stigma of a criminal background. It is not only the right thing to do but will contribute to the economic growth and development of our state.”

Additionally, Governor Hogan expressed his support for HB 308, a bill which establishes the Justice Reinvestment Coordinating Council in the Governor's Office of Crime Control and Prevention. Using a data-driven approach, this proposed council will develop statewide policy to reduce spending on corrections and build strategies to increase public safety and reduce recidivism.

“Taking a tough stance on crime isn’t just about incarceration,” said Governor Hogan. “In order to achieve lasting results in our criminal justice system, we must strike a balance and explore better, smarter options that reduce recidivism and help those who have served their time get back on their feet.”


Anonymous said...

I don't support it unless we have used up the available people without records . Of course we know this depends on minorities who get special treatment in the workplace , even though some are as dumb as a brick.

Anonymous said...

How can you use up space with people that have no record? Are you able to comprehend simple English? Your just a troll and probably a cop lover.

Anonymous said...

When they get to restoring peoples rights, AFTER they have finished whatever punishment was handed out, then get back to me.

Including/especially felonies.