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Friday, March 20, 2015

ABC News D.C. Bureau Announces Layoffs

The ABC News Washington D.C. Bureau has laid off a dozen employees. The plan is to replace the employees shortly, while adjusting to the current landscape and putting a focus on content-based reporting. We hear the new positions could be posted as early as Monday.

TVNewser has obtained the letter that ABC News Washington D.C. Bureau Chief Jonathan Greenbergersent to his staff:



Anonymous said...

this is what happens to Obama lovers...LOOSE YOUR JOB!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Staff:

We're going to go with robot news which has worked so well on the Delmarva Peninsula. We'll buy pre-taped spots and show them instead of actually finding out what is newsworthy in the area. Viewers won't even notice.

Best luck in finding a new job.

Anonymous said...

So sad.

Anonymous said...

Send in the clowns, there ought to be clowns, funny their councils

Shiite Catholic said...

Who is ABC, again?