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Friday, March 20, 2015

Johns Hopkins Offers Top-Of-The-Line Care For Pets

BALTIMORE (WJZ)–Imagine your cat–having a CT scan.

Jessica Kartalija explains, it’s happening at one of the best hospitals in the world, right here in Baltimore.

Hard to believe, but now your pets can get also get top of the line medical care at Johns Hopkins.

A little anesthesia and this lady, named Lola, is out.

Just like we sometimes need image-guided procedures, our pets do too.

“We use our advanced imaging facility–such as MRI and CT to image patients who are sick and try and diagnose disease,” said Dr. Rebecca Krimins, Veterinary Anesthesiologist.



Anonymous said...

very cool...

Anonymous said...

With our screwed up insurance for humans , this is a crutch for any hospital , cash deal , paid in full.

Anonymous said...

4:56-Actually this is a ploy to encourage pet owners to go out and get animal insurance coverage.They get the best coverage available,get their animal fixed,and then cancel the insurance a few months later.The insurance companies take a soaking on this one.

Anonymous said...

819-I'm pretty sure even animal insurance companies have heard of pre-existing conditions.

Truth is, we spend more on our pets than ever before. A friend of mine recently paid 5k for the dog to get back surgery. Heck, Cosequin pills are $20 for a month's supply.

Anonymous said...

Cool. Now we can find out what is the problem with donkeys like Babs, Cardin, Ireton, Jakey, Mathias, Biden and Obama.

Thanks, Hopkins!