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Monday, March 09, 2015

Is Pa. Gov. Wolf giving millions to chicken-seller Perdue? By Ray Wallace

Does a years-old, $8.75 million grant for multibillion-dollar Perdue
(a Maryland and Delaware company) remain in current
Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf's 2015-2016 budget --
even though Pennsylvania is now $2 billion in debt?

In 2010 the public was told the Perdue grant was for an approved, no-release Perdue facility to help local farmers.  That was a lie:

     1. The grant was for an area-polluting,  explosion-prone,  taxpayer-subsidized,  industrial soybean-crushing factory. And all these years later, Perdue is still trying to get it approved.

     2. The $8.75 grant was announced even before DEP could consider Perdue's application to save money by letting its factory release large quantities of exceptionally dangerous waste hexane gas into Susquehanna Valley's long-polluted air. That includes air breathed by the same local farmers Perdue said it was helping.

     3. Even in 2010, the Susquehanna Valley was one of the most polluted areas in the U.S. 

     4. And even now, if DEP needlessly lets Perdue further pollute the Susquehanna Valley, Perdue agrees to pay a mystery amount of money to "reduce" an unspecified quantity of an unknown pollutant in some undisclosedlocation ELSEWHERE!

     5. If all the above is not regulatory insanity, what is? For the sake of profit, Perdue is selling the health and welfare of Pennsylvania families down the Susquehanna River.

     6. As recently as December 2014 Perdue publicly announced it was cutting its planned hexane emissions -- a claim not supported by Perdue's own documents on file with the DEP.

Why give $8.75 million -- or a penny -- to any company
that acts like it's entitled  to forever release 
exceptionally dangerous  hexane gas
into another state's air?

The Pa. Department of Environmental Protection
is holding a public hearing
6-8 p.m., March 31, 2015 at the
Bainbridge Fire Hall
34 South 2nd St., Bainbridge,
Lancaster County, Pa.


Steve said...

Ray, you need to go get yourself some help. You are a sick, obsessed man and you just seem to be getting worse.

The use of hexane in oil extraction of grains is a closed process that recycles and re- uses hexane over and over. It pollutes no more than an air conditioner process. It dumps nothing into the river and nothing into the air except for the electricity used.

Please read up on this and educate yourself or find someone who can read it for you. You are embarrassing yourself and others.

Anonymous said...

Go ahead Albero, keep picking at this scab.

Ray Wallace said...

Steve, instead of hiding your last name and displaying your rudeness, you need to get some facts straight.

Perdue has applied to the Pa. Dept. of Environmental Protection to forever yearly dump over 200 tons a year of highly toxic waste hexane gas into the already long-polluted air of Pennsylvania’s Susquehanna Valley.

Folks living in Lancaster, York,
Cumberland, Lebanon, and Dauphin Counties have for years been breathing air worse than allowed by the U.S. Clean Air Act.

Among the most polluted in the nation, each of these counties is therefore designated a "nonattainment area."

Rather than properly dispose of its own waste chemicals, Perdue thinks it’s entitled to save money by releasing exceptionally dangerous hexane gas into the air that families in the above counties breathe.

Perdue abuses more than chickens.

Anonymous said...

dittos Steve, go away Ray

Anonymous said...

Ray Wallace, any proof that Perdue abuses chickens, or is that just your opinion?

Anonymous said...

Want them to hurt their Mexican and Haitian employees around here? Lmao. Of course we do! But then they would have to pay good wages to Americans.

Anonymous said...

Perdue pays above union scale, 12:10. Try again.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Steve shows he has fallen for Perdue's propaganda and deceptive claim that they are recycling 99.9% of their waste hexane. This is true only for the hexane being reclaimed from the soy oil distillation process. It is not true for the waste hexane that must be removed from the hexane-saturated soy meal left over after the oil is extracted. This hexane in the residual soy meal is removed in the dryer oven where the waste hexane is not recycled but evaporated into the air we all must breathe. The 210 tons of hexane that Perdue wants PA-DEP to permit them to dump into the air is coming mainly from the dryer oven and fugitive emissions that leak from various parts of the hexane delivery and evaporating systems.

Would Perdue want other people's toxic waste dumped on to their Salisbury property? Is Steve embarrassing himself by being "Perduped" by Perdue's self serving propaganda? PA-DEP should deny the Perdue permit.