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Monday, March 09, 2015

Statement From Governor Larry Hogan On Rain Tax

ANNAPOLIS, MD – Governor Larry Hogan today issued the following statement in response to the House Environment and Transportation Committee voting against House Bill 481, legislation submitted by the Hogan administration to repeal the Rain Tax mandate:

"No issue resonates as strongly and no tax is as universally detested as the rain tax. Passing a law that forces only a handful of counties to raise taxes on their citizens – against their will – is wrong, unfair, and it needs to end.

"Marylanders have spoken loudly and clearly on this issue. The overwhelming majority of voters across the state are strongly opposed to it, and some counties have already taken steps to repeal this burdensome tax. Considering the surge of opposition to the current law, I am confident that the General Assembly will still move forward with a repeal of the Rain Tax."


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I hope he stands his ground. The very fact he has overwhelming support from the citizens of Maryland should shut those liberals up. Before you know it they could get voted out.

Now that might be a good thing.

lmclain said... we go...the good cop- bad cop routine.
Just like I told you.
"Your guy" is going to change everything?
The only thing changing is who gets bribed, who gets the kickback, and who gets to be the good cop.
Want to know where "your guy" REALLY stands?? Check his "contributor" list and then check his voting record. Then go
throw up in the sink.
Resume cheering.

Anonymous said...

10:10 there is nothing to veto, fool

Anonymous said...

I disagree about his contributor list. Maryland is a democratic state yet the people were tired of the same ole, same ole and they voted Hogan. The ONLY reason they gave him their support was because even liberals understand if you don't have business in your state all the other numbers suck.

That's what happened.

Anonymous said...

Maryland legislative assembly repeal a tax! That'll be the day. Won't happen! The same O'Malley lackies that passed it to begin with are still there. Those tax junkies have never met a tax they didn't like (or vote for).

Anonymous said...

Maryland legislators didn't care what their constituents thought when they passed the tax. And those same constituents voted them right back into office (albeit a FEW were chunked out)..... The guys running our legislature don't give a rat's butt about the citizens of Maryland, unless it's a special interest group (i.e. Save the Bay). Their answer for everything is another tax on top of all the others they have passed. Repeal a tax? Ha, they'll never do it. That would mean they would have to spend LESS of our money.

Anonymous said...

If they want repeal it then go in the back door and pass a "Fair Share Bill".
The Eastern Shore and Western MD are the lowest income so Central and Southern MD should pay their fair share and not force us to pay for their stupid spending.
We pay for the Mass Transit System over there, Light rail system and now their Drainage system.
When Do we get our "Fair Share" that you take from us you bunch of DemocRAT Liberals.

Anonymous said...

Law of Unintended Consequences:

Longer it's on the books the more it hurts their retired leader OweMalley as he hits the rubber chicken circuit chasing Mrs. Bill Clinton. Just sayin'