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Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Warren Commission Member: JFK Shooting Was a Conspiracy

Lee Harvey Oswald may have been part of a conspiracy, according to investigative reporter Philip Shenon, whose book "A Cruel and Shocking Act: The Secret History of the Kennedy Assassination," has just been issued in paperback.

In an excerpt from the newly published edition that is running in Politico, Shenon, a former New York Times correspondent, reports that Warren Commission staffer David Slawson, now an 83-year-old retired law school professor, has come to believe that he and the investigation were victims of a "massive cover-up."



Anonymous said...

Kennedy was killed over his dislike of the Federal Reserve Board

Anonymous said...

Kennedy was not the intended target, John Connelly was. When Connelly was Secretary of the Navy he refused Oswald's request to have his discharge changed from dishonorable to honorable. You can look it up! Oswald was not an expert rifleman, contrary to the legend, but just barely qualified as Marksman and was a lousy shot. He hit Kennedy by accident.

Anonymous said...

4:24 - did LBJ tell you that?

Anonymous said...

There was a paperback published "Coincidence or Conspiracy" was put out by the Warren Commission I believe. I had it and it has gotten misplaced or never returned to me. It had a lot of theories including the one where J Edgar Hoover was involved because of his dislike of JFK and Robert. It even had Hoover involved with the assassination of Robert.
Have never been able to locate another copy of this book.

lmclain said...

The Warren Commission was a pre-planned set up with conclusions in place before the investigation even started.
Their "report" is SO full of lies, contradictions, omissions, and false conclusions that everyone associated with it should be prosecuted for perjury.
The CIA killed Kennedy and there is NO question about it. None.