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Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Panel recommends $46 million plan to help casinos

DOVER — A $46 million proposal to assist Delaware casinos has been released by the Lottery Gaming & Study Commission and sent to legislative lawyers to be crafted into legislation.

Sen. Brian Pettyjohn, R-Georgtown, sits on the nine-person commission and was one of five members who voted for the proposal's release during a Jan. 22 meeting in Dover. He said he voted to release the plan so the full General Assembly can discuss it.

Pettyjohn said he takes exception to the idea that the Lottery Gaming & Study Commission has moved forward a proposal to bail out the state's casinos.

There's no other industry in the state where the state takes 60 percent of profits before any bills are paid, Pettyjohn said Jan. 27. He said the proposal would not give money to the casinos; it would reduce what the state would otherwise take away.



Anonymous said...

Casinos another business that has over saturated the market. I think it is funny that so many are now going under. Imagine what will happen to the schools when all these lotteries and casinos start to lose money.

Anonymous said...

Taxpayers should be outraged at this.Once again bureaucrats fleecing the taxpayer to keep their cronies in high paying jobs.Also the Firefly makes a killing but is under a different llc.

Anonymous said...

When Mike Castle of DE sent me an email telling me of his support for global warming and any other bull that the liberals were pitching at the time, I replied that he was to be history because conservatives in lower DE simply did not believe in this horse manure. Well, He'd gone now.

Moving forward, I feel that the liberals from the North that continue to want to the southern conservatives back into their caves should fear us. We don't want their liberal bullshit. If that's all you can focus on, move your ass to MD>