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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Women Fend-Off Plainclothes, Off-Duty Cop Attacking Them After Alleged Fender-Bender

The man allegedly never showed a badge and only claimed to be a cop prior to grabbing the woman.

San Jose, CA —
An altercation between a man and two women in a San Jose parking lot sparks some serious questions about an off-duty cop’s behavior.

The video, which was originally uploaded to Liveleak, shows a man in a physical altercation with two women, one of whom allegedly rear-ended his vehicle.

According to the post in LiveLeak, the man filming said he heard a commotion and saw that a man claiming to be an off-duty cop was following a car full of girls and tried to detain one of them.

According to the poster, the off-duty officer never showed his badge. He went on to say that “San Jose police are notorious for this type of behavior.”

The video obviously starts after the original incident occurred so it would be irresponsible to make assumptions on what happened prior to this man trying to detain a woman.

What we do actually see in this video though, is a man, in plainclothes, who is claiming to be a police officer, attacking a woman who is trying to get away. Not until the woman is slammed into a car and running away does the man claim to show a badge.


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