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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

McCain Wages 'All-Out War' to Rid Arizona GOP of Tea Party

Arizona GOP Sen. John McCain's team is on a campaign to rid the Arizona Republican Party of tea party officials, replacing them with allies to the senator in advance of an expected bid for a sixth term in 2016.

According to Politico. which spoke to nearly a dozen sources, McCain's team has been working with strategists and fundraisers across the country to undermine the standing of conservatives in his state who could pose a challenge to his political future.

"There's been a huge organizational effort that I've never seen before," Gordon James, an Arizona public relations executive and McCain ally, told Politico. "A lot of the party folks who were hostile to John McCain have been marginalized, and that's a good thing."



Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hey GOP how about a Regular Joe.

Anonymous said...

Do you suppose McRino could be retired this time around...I sure hope so.

Well DUH said...

How about we arrange a heart attack for this Commie?

Unknown said...

I imagine the value of a representing member of this Nation's government who thinks that a group of citizens who want our government officials to follow the very Constitution this country was founded on as an evil force that must be somehow eradicated.

I think on a scale from negative 10 to +10.

Who's thinking of the same number as I am?

I'm at -11.

Anonymous said...

It's democrat and republican lawmakers waging a war on the average citizen.More Lamborghini's bought with cash by both in Washington than anywhere in the world.

Anonymous said...

Those RINO POS had better start listening to the american people or they will out on their a$$.If this country is to survive the GOP better start paying attention to the TEA party and follow the constitution because they are becoming more like left wing liberal democrats everyday.

Anonymous said...

3:13, I'm not a McCain fan, but your kind of comment is just mean and discredits you.

Anonymous said...

McCain was a founding daddy of ISIS. There is not much else this NWO RINO has accomplished.