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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Videos from PMT meetings

Farmer Lee Richardson

Ray Ellis


Anonymous said...

You wanna save the bay?
Close Aberdeen proving grounds for starters, then relocate 50 million people in the Wash. Balt. Phili corridor.
Let the farmers grow food.

Anonymous said...

This plan is so messed up with absolutely no science behind it. It's a guessing gaes put on by the EPA in order to collect fines and has nothing to do with "Saving the Bay". "Rape the Farmer" would be my best name for it while the tributary rivers are the culprits. Trouble is, other states who contribute massive pollutants and sediment have enough money and political influence to go ahead and pollute at a 30x rate while our farmers are caged.

P[ease abolish the EPA and let our farmers streward our land.