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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

FDA Inspection Reveals Chinese Restaurant Supplier Was Rat-Infested Nightmare

There are fascinating horrors hiding in letters from the Food and Drug Administration to the food, drug, and cosmetic companies that it regulates. One letter that we wish we could un-read is directed to New Yung Wah Trading Company, a Brooklyn-based company that supplies Chinese restaurants all over the East Coast. The results of multiple inspections of their warehouse near Pittsburgh were frightening to potential diners…at least, those of us who prefer our food to have as little rat urine as possible. 


Anonymous said...

So they need to change the restaurants name to #2 China Buffet?

Anonymous said...

Enficaces on the #2

Anonymous said...

Thats it I'll never eat chinese again.

Anonymous said...

This company supplies both Delmar Chinese joints and the Chinatown buffet.