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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Experts: CDC Making Ebola-Stricken Dallas Nurse a Scapegoat

Healthcare experts are criticizing Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Dr. Thomas Frieden for blaming a Dallas nurse's Ebola infection on a "protocol breach," saying that she is being scapegoated for a larger problem.

"You don't scapegoat and blame when you have a disease outbreak," Bonnie Castillo of National Nurses United told Reuters on Sunday. "We have a system failure. That is what we have to correct."

According to the CDC and Texas officials, the female nurse was wearing the recommended gear, including a gown, gloves, mask, and eye shield needed when handling a Ebola patient when she was caring for Liberian Thomas Eric Duncan, who died last week at the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital, reports Fox News.

But such gear may only offer a minimum amount of protection when Ebola reaches its final stages, Sean Kaufman, president of an Atlanta-based hospital staff training company, told Reuters.


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ginn said...

""We have a system failure. That is what we have to correct.""
No truer words have ever breached the mouth of a human, Bonnie. And, it isn't just the CDC that's broken either, ma'am.
The broken mechanism that is Federal Government has, for the past decade and more, failed to represent the views and morality for the majority of America. Waste, fraud, ineptness & cover up, are but a raindrop in a storm, of the rampant corrupt lawlessness that permeates Washington. They would have you die a horrible hemorrhaging death rather then actually do something for the people they are supposed to represent.
Your Federal Government has become a "Lawless Nation" unto itself and determined to destroy the very fabric of our society & Constitution.