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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Border Doctor Fears Ebola May Have Mutated

Infectious disease specialist rejects 'powers that be' claiming 'we have it all under control'

A doctor working in south Texas is raising concerns that the Ebola strain recently contracted by a Dallas nurse may have undergone a mutation.

Infectious Disease Specialist Dr. Michael Jelenik says he’s troubled by the circumstances surrounding Dallas Presbyterian Hospital nurse Nina Pham’s recent contraction of the Ebola virus.

Pham, 26, was one of a team of medical staff tending to Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan before his death last week.

On Sunday, Texas health officials announced Pham had tested positive for the Ebola virus, even though she was careful to wear protective gear when she came in contact with the infected patient.



Anonymous said...

Biology 101 will teach you that the normal course of events with a virus is that it mutates. It is the life course of the virus.

Anonymous said...

Viruses are very sloppy at replicating. Each new infection is a trillion rolls of the genetic dice..