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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Fed's Low Interest Rates Enable Washington's Dysfunctions

The U.S. economy is underperforming, and the Federal Reserve’s low interest rate policies won’t reinvigorate it.

To cope with the financial crisis, President Obama pulled out all the stops — record deficits, bank and automaker bailouts, and sweeping financial reform — but since the summer of 2009, GDP has advanced only 2.2 percent annually. One out of six men ages 25 to 54 remain jobless, wages are stagnant and family incomes continue to fall.

History dealt Ronald Reagan a tough hand, too — he endured double digit inflation, interest rates and unemployment. Yet, his recovery accomplished 4.7 percent growth, vigorous jobs creation and a robust prosperity.



Anonymous said...

But to a liberal jobs and a robust economy is a tragedy and should be avoided at all costs.

Hence, the dems who are in charge are a success.

To the people: is this what YOU find successful? If not, vote Republican. They have been crucified for "being in bed with big business" yet really do believe in business, work, jobs, etc. Get it now?

Anonymous said...

Way too late for any of this crap , down hill further , here we go with ebola on our heals.