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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Professor Who Studied Ebola for 11 Years Makes Horrifying Announcement

A Purdue University professor says that while Ebola has so far only been been proven to be transmitted through bodily fluids, it could become airborne at virtually any time.

Dr. David Sanders has studied how the Ebola virus enters human cells since 2003. He told WRTV that the virus is “primed” to become airborne, making it even more likely that anyone with Ebola travelling by plane could infect fellow passengers

“It can enter the lung from the airway side,” Sanders told WRTV. “So this argues that Ebola is primed to have respiratory transmission.”

He said that, while certainly unproven, the idea of airborne transmission is hardly far-fetched. “We need to be taking this into consideration,” Sanders said. “What if? This is not a crazy, ‘What if?’ This is not a wild, ‘What if?’”



Anonymous said...

Not to worry.Human ingenuity can handle anything.

ginn said...

I am truly concerned about this brewing epidemic. I envision this virus shutting down everything. From government to grocery stores, from vacations and fast food to universities and schools. Have you noticed who is contacting Ebola? It's our health care workers, doctors, nurses, EMS techs and others. Now, just what in the hell are we going to do w/o these people? This is frightening to me and it damn well better be to you, too.

Anonymous said...

Ebola will go where it is taken. It is transmitted in a sneeze and through contact and can remain on surfaces if only for a short time. You only need a short time in a public restroom. People....the CDC has reversed itself how many times now and NOW they are ready to launch a containment crew to every site. How many crews do you think they will many do you think they have available. Right... you crunch the numbers.

Anonymous said...

Driving in town this morning I got behind a strange looking hybrid of a vehicle with state tags. It was huge and all white and a cross between a mobile command center motorhome and a hospital looking setup. It was heavily built and looked like it would have stood its own in a riot. Curiosity peeked...I followed it. I turned into the Wicomico County Health Department. Didn't know we owned such a vehicle traveling under the radar. Only stickers on it were alarm stickers to notify anyone that it was armed with an alarm system. you know anything about this vehicle and its purpose?

Anonymous said...

I only know if you go to the hospital because you are sick you will probably come out of there with something worse than you went in there with. S C A R Y !!!